Raw 4×4

The RAW 4X4 brand understands that Australia’s terrain is some of the most diverse and demanding in the world. Stemming from the success in suspension systems for heavy vehicles, Powerdown adapted their understanding of the harsh Australian conditions, and extended their range to 4X4 shock absorbers.

At first the 4X4 range was marketed under the Powerdown brand, until around 2005, when the range was made into its own entity; RAW 4X4. Following the same design principals that is applied to the Powerdown ride control components, RAW 4X4 products are designed and developed for Australian conditions.

All of the suspension research and development that goes into RAW 4X4 products is carried out at their state of the art facility in Beresfield, New South Wales, with a dedicated team of people who work solely on the development of shock absorbers and suspension components.

Recognising that every 4WDriver has a unique purpose for their vehicle, RAW 4X4 doesn’t stand for the “one size fits all” approach. RAW 4X4 have tailor made solutions in addition to their standard product range, to suit the needs of each individual vehicle; from recreational 4WDriving on corrugated trails, to the work vehicle, towing and shifting heavy loads.

RAW 4X4 design and develop a complete range of heavy duty suspension equipment to survive the toughest of conditions; including various types of heavy duty shock absorbers, coil and leaf springs, polyurethane bushes and torsion bars; providing a complete suspension solution.


Visit the RAW 4×4 website www.raw4x4.com.au for more information or go to the Online KitBuilder kitbuilder.raw4x4.com.au to customise a lift kit for your vehicle.

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