Redex fuel additives have been keeping people driving for over 90 years. Part of driving history for decades, Redex was first launched in 1922 when drivers wanted to find ways to extend the life of their motor cars and improve its performance; and using Redex to clean and lubricate their engines became an important part of car maintenance.

Part of the Redex history was a race that captured the imagination of racing fans globally. The first Redex Australia Trial was held in 1953. The event was sponsored by Redex for the first three years, and was later dubbed the “Redex Reliability Trial” in homage to Redex products, which were thought to considerably improve the reliability and performance of the competing cars. The Redex Australia Trial was unlike any other race; a rally raid which saw over 200 amateur and pro drivers, in cars with no performance enhancing modifications, circumnavigate Australia.

Redex was bought by Holt Loyd in 2015, and Redex fuel additives were a perfect addition to their portfolio, with their range of chemical repair and maintenance products.

Over years of production, to meet the needs of modern cars, Redex has evolved and added to their product range. Treatment and injector cleaner products were merged into one, easy to use fuel additive for petrol or diesel vehicles, and by 2016, Redex launched the UK’s first fuel additive for hybrid engines. As cars evolve over time Redex remains at the forefront of engine technology.

Regular use of Redex fuel additives saves fuel, reduces emissions, and improves the life of engines; effectively cleaning fuel systems and keeping everyone driving.

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